The City of Plantation Utilities department awards ATCi Communications the maintenance and systems upgrades for their water treatment plants across their town. The systems are in the process of initial evaluation to ensure all operations of existing equipment are working properly. The evaluation process and inspection will also include recommendations of edge devices and hardware with newer technology that may assist personnel solve security breaches or unforeseen problems.

ATCi Communications’ highly skilled staff and extensive knowledge in utilities goes back over a decade. “Our staff understands all aspects of this industry from basic procedures to highly complex SCADA systems, that help us better deploy solutions catered to this market” said Ed Heinemann, Senior Engineer.

About Plantation Utilities Department:

The Plantation Utilities Department surpasses all minimum standards for water and waste water quality, customer service and system safety. However, Plantation Utilities operates with less personnel and on a lower budget than other similar utilities based on number of connections, population served, geographical size and location. 

Plantation Utilities currently holds the distinction of providing the highest water quality available and wastewater sludge which is in demand by agri-businesses, while holding costs down through advanced treatment techniques. The department prepared in advance for the extensive environmental operating rule changes by opting for advanced nano-filtration water plants and deep well waste water disposal. The Department has a staff of experienced, long-term employees dedicated to their jobs and the City.