Project Description


The City of Coral Gables has earned the South Florida tag of “The City Beautiful”. The City has earned its nickname through its pristinely held landmark areas that have shown beauty and historic character. Coral Gables is infamous for its strict zoning regulations. The city was developed by George Merrick during the Florida land boom of the 1920s. The city’s architecture is almost entirely Mediterranean Revival style, including the Coral Gables Congregational Church, donated by Merrick. The domed, Catholic Church of the Little Flower was built somewhat later, in a similar Spanish Renaissance style. By 1926, the city covered 10,000 acres and had netted $150 million in sales, with over $100 million spent on development.

System Requirements and Obstacles:

City Leadership and its Police Department set out to find a qualified firm that would be able to provide a turnkey solution to implement Surveillance for public safety throughout its City limits. City of Coral Gables offers some of the most feature rich amenities, boasting lush tropical landscaping, and impressive luxurious finishes. Aesthetics and mitigation of the already existing structures was an important factor for this design build project. Quality and reliability of transmission and Video and Real time access to the streams was a requirement of the project. Furthermore, air Conditioned space and communication infrastructure that would transmit the quality of video the police department would require at City Hall was not available at most of the locations that required Automatic License Plate Recognition and High Definition Surveillance points throughout the strategic locations designed for the system. In addition, the City had a stringent project timeline requirement and it desired to have all video feeds completed in a 180-day timeline. The City also wanted to create a Real-Time Video Wall within its 911 Call Center which resided at its Public Safety facility.


ATCi Communications put together a comprehensive plant that allowed The City of Coral Gables to maximize its vision and expanded on it to create greater value to the deployment. After carefully meeting with all stakeholders in the City, ATCi conducted a deep study of a full scope that would achieve the end result they wanted to accomplish which included a total of 96 intersections throughout the City. Once the full scope layout was worked out and reviewed, ATCi worked closely with City officials and determined the first Phase critical locations. The overall quoted project is a total of 6.9MM. The first phase was a total of 1MM in technology improvements. The project created such success rates with regards to crime mitigation, that the City immediately requested a second phase of additional funding to be approved by appointed commission. Commissioners approved a second phase that included an additional 1.9MM in approved funding and that is currently being installed. The project has led to several other technology effort such as redundant wireless backhaul communications throughout City owned facilities.