Project Description


The Porsche Design Tower is the first Porsche Condo ever built in the world, as such it has been named P001. The Porsche Design Tower is unique in its kind with its Robotic parking system that will allow its residents to transport and park their cars in their own private Garage (2 -4 Car Garage) at the door step of their residence and features a glass casing to incorporate its residents Porsche vehicles into their homes living space. The tower is the first Porsche Designed Tower in the world and attracted 2% of the worlds billionaires to reside within its quarters.

System Requirements and Obstacles:

The Porsche Design tower was inspired and created for the Porsche car aficionado, the goal for the building was to create an environment that would incorporate State of the Art Technology to achieve the goal of a drive in experience a Porsche delivers to its enthusiasts. The vision came with many challenges as the builders vison was to create a one of a kind entry as soon as its resident pulled in, this required a custom in ground solution that would feature the building concept of perfection and required a completely customized in ground gate concept beyond that first point of entry there would also be a critical assignation requirement of drive in to a secure vehicle elevator compartment that would allow its residents to drive up to their units while keeping the entire verification process completely seamless and automated. Concerns of driving a vehicle up into a unit while operating created a life safety concern that required hours of safety and technology integration measures. In addition due to the sophistication and concept of making your vehicle a part of your living space concept in a high rise, the shared doors to the garage area and integration of vehicle elevator, door, and garage area motion monitoring became an area of critical conceptual concern. This was matched with the desire of keeping the building access controlled points and the inclusion of a State of the art security and technology deployment throughout the buildings common areas and individual unit spaces.


ATCi Communications put together a plan that realized the vision of the Porsche Design team and engineered a turnkey solution that addressed all of the automation requirements set forth by the buildings vision into a functional technologically sound environment. For the customized drive up solution a hydraulic jet precision cut solution was manufactured and allowed for the first impression of what was to follow ahead into the buildings array of one of a kind solutions which ATCi made into reality. ATCi also engineered a seamless solution with the vehicle elevator system that allowed for high speed long range verification and engaged connection points for vehicle safety measured addressing carbon monoxide detection components, tie in to the access control of the drop off into the garage area and controlled lock down to garage entry openings while drop off of vehicle in progress. In addition, motion detection prior to vehicle drop off and forced open entry and emergency shut off mechanisms where engineered by the ATCi team. A robust common area security deployment was successfully achieved and created a balance between coverage, aesthetics, and functionality from a threat assessment point of view. The installation is currently at substantial completion and the building is currently undergoing final inspections to achieve a Certificate of Occupancy.