Project Description


As of 2011, the Port of Miami accounts for 176,000 jobs and has an annual economic impact in Miami of $18 billion. It is the 11th largest cargo container port in the United States. In 2010, a record 4.33 million passengers traveled through the Port of Miami. One in seven of all the world’s cruise passengers start from Miami. This has allowed for the port to be recognized as “the Cruise Capital of the World”.


Due to the nature of its waterside threat and the differing needs spanning from a Traveler perspective to Cargo operator, The Port of Miami requires state-of-the-art technologies to allow for the most advanced systems such as waterside radar surveillance, terminal and cargo truck check-ins, drug enforcement threat assessment, parking revenue control, two-way audio communication, and biometric verification requiring real time central monitoring by Port security staff.


Since 2008, ATCi has helped the Port of Miami with the upkeep and future proofing of technology systems at the Port. ATCi is responsible for maintaining the entire Port of Miami Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intercom systems, and is a key partner whenever an emergency situation arises.

ATCi and the Port have worked hand-in-hand while looking to current and future technology needs, including custom technologies to address the Port’s specific needs in regards to security, communications, and lighting, including green efficient technologies to compliment their current environmentally-conscious efforts.

Due to the incredibly harsh salt exposure, maintaining the systems at the Port are critical and requires ATCi to take a very proactive role.

ATCi has successfully participated in the deployment of hundreds of video surveillance cameras and several dozen multi-technology readers including biometrics readers at key locations where TWIC card access holders are granted access through fingerprint verification.

The Port currently manages over 800 video surveillance cameras, and over 200 card readers in their new state-of-the-art Command Center which was completed Q4 of 2011. Recently, ATCi has embarked on the first phase of a major upgrade to HD Video for over 130 cameras with a critical security viewpoint. This is the first phase of several that the Port intends to deploy.