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Intrusion Alarms

Ensuring that no unauthorized person gains entry to secure facilities and sensitive areas is crucial to the protection of personnel and mission-critical assets. With more than 35 years of intrusion detection experience, no-one in the industry can design and deploy more effective intrusion alarm solutions than ATCi Communications.

Using advanced configurations to meet a client’s mission-specific requirements, and capable of adapting to any changing environment, ATCI designs and deploys a certified monitoring platform using state-of-the-art sensors and advanced communications. The result? More proficient detection, immediate alarm annunciation, and notification to the monitoring station quickly and reliably.

Seamless integration of detection methods with one centralized system.

Upon an alarm event, the exact location of the potential breach is immediately displayed in a graphical interface and multiple layers of notification are performed. The seamless integration of detection methods provides the client with one centralized system that can:

  1. Easily monitor large numbers of sensors simultaneously
  2. Receive immediate visual assessment
  3. Record digital video of pre/post alarm events.